Sometimes we find our passion and other times our passion finds us. For Jason Dotson, it would take years of driving trucks around Houston, Texas, pulling over to the side of the road to take pictures of cities and landscapes before he would recognize that his rightful place was behind the lens. Releasing the trucks to take hold of his camera, Dotson would work as an event photographer while studying at the Art Institute of Houston before landing comfortably on architectural and landscape photography.

Dotson does more than just photograph buildings and sunsets- he breathes life into them. With his keen eye for finding the right perspective to maximize respective elements of each structure, he draws out the personality of each of his subjects, capturing the essence of the architect’s vision whilst also including his own style of imagery. In an era where many professional photographers have a clinical air about them, Dotson shows us the commonalities between urban skylines and natural landscapes- beautiful architecture can live with, in and through us. Creating pieces that balance between the fine line of being too dreamy and cleverly artistic, his commercial work has a certain fine art tinge to it that will carry through the ages.

What We See

Dotson Photography is a full-service architectural and landscape photography firm based in the Greater DC Metro Area, that strives to inspire people through imagery, ignite their imagination through creativity, nurture a winning network of customers by maintaining a high quality and professional service, and being a responsible contributor to society by showcasing the natural beauty of the world and its sustainability.

Why We Do It

Dotson Photography seeks to capture images both man-made and natural, that express the essence of what the creator envisioned and place them in front of the widest audience possible. Whether it be a new bridge that connects two worlds or a mountain range that separates them, Dotson Photography aims to expose its true beauty, detail and elegance in a way that is both technically outstanding and aesthetically powerful. Breath-taking moments are all around you- we capture them so you, our clients, don’t miss them.

How We Work